This is a blog for headcanons about the character Prussia from Hetalia Axis Powers. Male or Female.

Please know, there will be a lot of people running this blog and posting their own headcanons, so there may be contradicting ones.

At the moment a nation doesn’t exist oficially anymore, its personification slowly starts losing his/her memories of this time. Of course, they know the things that happened to their countries, but it’s like they read about them on books. Once they don’t see themselves as their nations anymore, they disappear. It doesn’t take too long to most cases, and they all know that this will eventually happen to them.

But Prussia doesn’t want to disappear, and refuses to forget. That’s why he keeps all those diaries: recording everything, making himself sure he won’t forget anything from his time as a nation. Everyone know he does this, but no one tells anything. He doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t want to disappear. And the others don’t want it too, although they’ll never admit it. Deep inside, they all think about themselves, about the way they will react once the time to choose between disappearing or not comes.

By scarlet-shadow

Because of being albino, the sun would hurt him. However he does enjoy going out in the early morning and evening, and also going outside on cloudy days. Not only does he find such times peaceful, they’re good to his skin. He calls the times “My Awesome Oasis.” Except he calls it that to himself.

By oh-mein-gott

Currently Gilbert has a serious self-esteem problem as much he tries to hide it from others. Each time he self-proclaims himself as  Awesome he is seeking to convince himself  and wait that somebody says “Yes, you are” really thinking it and not only to make him shut up.
But he always falters when someone confuses his country with Russia’s  or do not recognize the name of his empire. His biggest fear is being forgotten but he would not ever say it out loud. 

by yourawesomenesspreussen

Gilbert is a very competitive person. Most of the time, it’s very difficult to do anything with him while he is in his competitive mood.

If he sees that he’s on the verge of losing, he will resort to cheating.

Of course, when he do lose, he will say that he let them win to boost their ego, the game is flawed, he wasn’t ready, or any other excuse he can think of.

He will never admit defeat. Do expect for him to ask for a rematch, though.

By numbuh1prussian

Yes, even Ludwig. He would be the first to track down whoever does harm to them, especially if it’s Fem!Germany. Gilbert wouldn’t hold back any ounce of his anger. Also, he wouldn’t care who the person is. Basically, if you mess with his siblings, you are asking for a ticket to hell.

By numbuh1prussian

Fritz taught him how, even though he was terrible at it at first. He now plays it almost as well (or better) than Roderich.

He, of course, never told Roderich he could play it.

By ore-sama-no-blog

He has contacts, but rarely wears those either.

By awesome5metres

It was his language, even if it’s dead, but he will never forget it. 

When he’s alone, he speaks to himself in Old Prussian so he won’t forget it.

By awesome5metres

He got the tattoo after the Berlin Wall fell. It is so he won’t ever forget what he had been and how large he had once been.

By awesome5metres

Simply put, Gilbert is gamophobic. He’ll be happy for others that are engaged or married, but the thought of him getting married terrifies him. He could find “the one”, be completely in love and more than happy to be with him or her for the rest of his life, but for some reason, the moment the idea of proposing to them and “tying the knot” gets brought up, he gets scared. He can’t do it. It might be the possibility of rejection at the proposal, or maybe the thought that marriage will make him feel tied down, he doesn’t know, all he knows is that the whole thing terrifies him. Asking him about it is nearly impossible as well because questioning him too much can and probably will cause him to freak out and break down. And having once overheard his significant other talking about wanting to get married, he now tends to avoid him if it gets brought up, embarrassed and feeling as though he’s disappointing him by having this fear.

By sirgilbo